SSCBB involved in another FMT relay today, this time our rider Phil Hudson set off from Birmingham and met Yorkshire White Knights Rider Laurence Turner at Barlborough.  Laurence is taking the FMT on to Scarborough General Hospital. #itswhatwedo


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Well done to both of you. Ride safe.

Wonderful! Thank you! 👍👍👍

Well done guys. 👏👏

Amazing guys. X

Great job

Good job done

Well done all

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We would have been at the RSH Family Fun Day this weekend but it had to be cancelled.  Our best wishes to all our NHS colleagues across our 3 counties.
Been a busy day at SSCBB today. We’ve had collections and deliveries in all 3 counties  including Shrewsbury, Oswestry, Ludlow, Stoke on Trent, Burton on Trent, Coventry, Chester and Speke.  We also had a call from the Neonatal Ward at Telford’s Princess Royal Hospital asking if we’d collect some breast milk from Stoke on Trent.  They had a baby in urgent need and the Milk Banks are closed at the weekend. Our volunteer had a ride over to Stoke and back, dealing with the many variations of weather that we’ve had today!  Here’s our lovely bike, Idris, all packed up and ready to leave Royal Stoke with the milk.


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Did 127 miles in North Staffs today including a very nice care home. Very wet but, as ever, very satisfying.

Fab job, thank you for all you do.

Great day for all of you. Brilliant.

Thank you SSCBB had a delivery and collection on Tuesday and Wednesday from Derby Hospital. Great service x

Well done you guys are priceless.

Thank you SSCBB.❤☝️

Great work all involved!

Great work as always

Great work ppl,

Stay safe guys

Super job done by all

Well done all

Well done 👏👏

Great to get back on a Blood Bike following a 3 month gap, nice run to UHC despite a stormy blast on the M6.

Well done👏👏👏

Nice one well done 👍

Well done team

So Precious

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We have been overwhelmed with offers of support and kind folk wanting to make a donation towards our operational costs at a time when we cant do public facing fundraising events.  There are many ways that you can donate to our funds, such as setting up a page over at #JustGiving or downloading one of our sponsorship forms! ❤️  We really appreciate your kindness and support! #SSCBB Find out more here:
We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions! 🏍 So you now have all you need to know about our charity and how to become a blood biker! #FAQ Take a look here -


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And must be under the age of 75 🤗🤗

Blood Bikes dont just deliver to hospitals and Laboratories. When a hospital contacted us to assist a dialysis patient in rural Shropshire, we responded. But it wasnt yesterday’s torrential rain, mud strewn roads, the field full of sheep, track full of Cows or the 6 farm dogs that came to investigate, which curtailed the Blood Bike’s journey, it was the cavernous cattle grid with the missing bar. Not to be deterred, our rider, Howard J, got off his steed, Mariner,  and walked the rest of the way to get the job done!! Ordinary people going the extra mile to help others.  #itswhatwedoImage attachmentImage attachment


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All these people that do these selfless acts of kindness are really the what the whole of society should aspire to be like. These people are what make the world go around and keep society functioning

Well done! Had a similar job myself a few weeks ago and was really glad to be on our F800 they really are superb for this type of terrain. Was very apprehensive at first but the bike lapped it up.

Despite owning an FJR and being familiar with manoeuvring in tight places, I was grateful to be on 'the little BMW' on one shout earlier this week. In a 'tight spot' I would have had difficulty had I been on the FJR.

Well done Howard life as a volunteer is never dull and each day is different we are very lucky to have a wounderful team of dedicated people To our unsung heroes thankyou all for you do it is very much appreciated🙏🙏

Well done Howard J I remember one of our riders in West Wales had a similar trudge up a muddy lane and across a field😎 #itswhatwedo

Amazing person, thank your for your VOLUNTARY service. 👏👏🥇

You are all amazing - thank you for all your time & efforts xx☀️☀️

WOW!!!!!! Thankyou for all that you do.x

Well done Howard 👏👏

fab job as always-thank you all 🙂

Excellent job done

Howard - had a similar shout earlier this year in a tiny village near Bridgenorth- would have been better on a crosser than an FJR 🙂

Well done that man, above and beyond. 👏👏👏

What an amazing man well done my friend

Nice one Howard

Need the right tool for the job.

Well done

Well done young man

Well done 👏 👏

Well done 👏

Good job!


Above and beyond

Well done Howie, now I know why you were looking for the jet washer!

Hero Howard.

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SSCBB rider Mike P treated blood bike Imogen to a wash and brush up ready for his shift today. Imogen is an FJR 1300 donated to us by The Heath Big Local, a lottery funded charity which gave money to good causes in the Uttoxeter area. We named the bike Imogen after a young lady called Imogen Evans who sadly passed away in September 2016. She suffered from a rare form of cancer, neuroblastoma. We were able to support Imogen and her family by delivering blood samples from her home for testing and enabling her to stay home with her loved ones.


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Thanks Mike This bike is very special to me . Seems like yesterday that we got Adam Peaty to officially launch her at the Fire Station Where has the time gone

This is Imogen in memory of my grand daughter. Its great to seex

I mogen..... My god daughter 🤘🏻

Ah my niece's bike x

100 o/o volunteer Totally professional

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Cheers Mick. Cant beat coffee and a cake!


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nice job


Enjoy 😊

Well done Mick

I like the meal tray attachment. Wondered what they were for. Now I know lol

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Yesterday our rider Phil H was involved in an urgent ‘relay’. He met up with Andy P from Severn Freewheelers EVS at Frankley Services (M5) for the handover of a package and then made his way to Hartshead Moor Services (M62) to rendezvous with Matthew B from Whitefriars Yorkshire. Round trip of 292 miles for our Phil in reasonable weather conditions – well done. #itswhatwedoImage attachmentImage attachment


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Well done all. Volunteers "Best of the Best"

Fantastic work, well done xx

Fantastic team work Well Done to all involved xxxx

Just brilliant team work and co-ordination.

Phil H, we spotted you on the M6 (you were headed south) we were heading North. Great job 👍

Well done guys keep up your amazing work .Stay safe 💙💙🥰

Amazing work, gentlemen! Well done 🩸

Utmost respect for all the volunteers at Blood Bikes 👏👏👏🏍🏍

Well done, all, and the controllers too.

Fantastic service. 👏🏻👏🏻

👏👏👏👏👏👌 PROUD of you ALL 👍

And then onwards north to yet another Blood Biker group! Fantastic, well done all involved

Well done guys 👍

Well done

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Video image


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Thank you and keep up the good work

Fantastic, thank you.

Thank you BP, much appreciated.


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A big thank you to BP....👍

Well done BP.👍

Chris Hill

As of today, SSCBB have 365 volunteers, thats one for every day of the year! Teamwork is the key to successful volunteering and our riders, controllers, fundraisers, speakers and trustees all work together for the good of our charity - well done to you all. And well done to all our supporters.


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As one volunteer to 365 others. Well done,keep helping and thank you.

Fantastic achievement, congratulations folks, great job.

Would love to join and help

Thanks again BP!


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Nice that your service is getting a help in hand nice one BP

Well deserved

Well done Chris and BP!

This lady is June Wall, who sadly died in April as a result of acute myeloid leukaemia in the cancer ward of the Royal Stoke Hospital. She had previously battled with lymphoma with success and later had a successful stem cell transplant.  She was a much loved and admired lady who together with husband, Dave, raised considerable funds for our charity through the Staffordshire and Shropshire Mark Masons fundraising initiative. This resulted in two blood bikes being donated to us by the Province – Mark Mason and Mark Mariner and a further bike – Prince Michael being donated by the Mark Benevolent Fund.  June was a past Chair of a Lady Freemason Lodge and raised funds for us in 2017. Dave chose to have funds donated at her funeral directed to our charity and we have been totally overwhelmed at the amount raised – over £5,200. Thank you so much.
Dave and June were married for 49 years and never a day passed when they did not say to each other “I love you”. We are sure she will have been proud to see our blood bike ‘Mark Mason’ ridden by our rider Ian B, arrive at their home on Monday to thank Dave and all his friends, fellow masons and neighbours for their support.Image attachment


Comment on Facebook

My wonderful godparents! Miss auntie June so much ! 💞 Uncle Dave - u r doing amazing ! So very proud of u xx

Wonderful gesture. RIP June X

How wonderful that the charity has been remembered at this very sad time for her family.

An amazing gesture..... RIP June

Dear June we will miss you RIP x

Amazing gesture xx

Thank you W Bro David 👏🌈💚🥇

Thankyou W Bro David for the wonderfull donation

She will be very sadly missed.

Pamela Headley Sharon Dayson


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We are so grateful for any support that we receive, particularly at the moment.  @BP are being really generous and giving free fuel to emergency services in these difficult times, they have extended this to include all liveried Blood Bikes. Here is Prince Michael, one of our bikes, being filled up and taking advantage of BP’s generosity.  Thanks BP!
When the Controller contacts you to make sure you are ready for your shift and you are a newish member and have booked 5 shifts without a shout plus you are second rider then your hopes of doing your first job seem low.  Or so Ian J thought!!!  Not so. Controller Helen B despatched him to Birmingham to pick up some platelets for a patient at his local hospital. The first rider was already committed.  Mission accomplished and with a smile.  Well done Ian and thank you.


Comment on Facebook

Well done Ian your duck is well and truly broken 😁 your first shout is always memorable

Thought I recognised Vincent Drive.

Vital job, well done sir

Well done Ian first of many.

Well done to you all..❤

First of many. Well done 👍

Brilliant job Ian.

Thank you

Nice one.... 👍🏍😀

Well done

Sound nice one

Nice one Ian

Good man

Well done guys. Your actions are making a real difference to people s lives. I have had to use your service this evening and we are very grateful to you. 🏍️🏍️❤️

Great feeling to get the first job done, enjoy 😁

Well done Ian, that first job is a buzz.

First time I had to go there was at midnight at the start of lockdown

Well done. Onwards & upwards

Well done Ian good job done

Well done ian. X

Well done Ian, I look forward to looking after you on shift x

respect and well done

Well done Ian 👍

Well done big guy 🤗

Well done mate👍

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Our rider Howie J may have just missed getting the 20,000th run but he reported a busy shift yesterday - 2 hours, 250 miles, 3 hospitals, 3 Laboratories, North, South & West of our wonderful county,  Im just one small part of a HUGE dedicated team of volunteers across all roles who, give their time for free to support the NHS. #Covid19 #SSCBB Stay Safe & Well!!!Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

He really is a legend ⭐️

Well done Howie. Good to see your safe too

🙏THANK you ALL Doing a FANTASTIC JOB 👏👏👏👏👍

Thanks for the service. 👏👏

Ride safe peeps

Great job Can you just confirm 2 hours 250 miles? Really?


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Libby Murray Imogen bike 💙🦋 x

A fantastic achievement. The lives of so many people will have been improved by this service.

You are all amazing, still remember seeing the rider come in to children’s ward at telford with some drugs my little girl desperately needed ❤️

Well done to everyone concerned .Those of you who are familiar with the back story will know that it is particularly apt to see Imogen in the spotlight.

Thanks to our amazing volunteers who were involved in us achieving our 20,000 run. And a huge thank you to all our members, past and present for their support since we began operations in 2014.

Amazing job!! Well done x

The milestones keep flying by! 👏👏

Congratulations Adrian from the 18,000th rider, Well done mate 👍

Well done to all, especially Imogen. Hopefully she is serving you well.

Well done! Wish I’d got my name on that score board

Congratulations all. Well done 👏👏

Brilliant - Great honour for Adrian and Imogen!

Sorry, 20k is already claimed by Nigel B as is every milestone run 😉

Congratulations on this amazing achievement 👍🩸🏍

A great cause Thanks Guys, looking into becoming one myself...cant wait.

Great Work Team 👍

Fantastic Congratulations to all

Keep up the great work all you guys/gals do 👍👍

Well done all xx

Fantastic ❤️


Thank you 👏🙏🏻


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Our wonderful #SSCBB Controllers work from home, our fundraisers are now at home but our blood bike riders are out there delivering urgent medical samples free of charge for our #NHS!  This includes carrying COVID 19 samples for testing and urgently required PPE equipment. We thank them all and say to our supporters – stay at home, please ❤️  -
At #SSCBB we love the work that we do, and we are proud to share it! Across the UK there are groups similar to ours, all operating for the benefit of their local area.  If you would like to get involved with our charity, contact us today! -
A beautiful thank you Blood Bikers card designed by @meganrdesign who just happens to be the daughter in law of our rider Mike P. Just lovely. And the bike featured is our own blood bike Imogen.
The M6 Toll Drive for Charity team have been very generous to us (and not for the first time). They have given us £750 towards our operational costs which is much appreciated, given we cannot fundraise face to face at present. We continue to serve our local NHS with urgent deliveries of blood products, medical samples and donated frozen breast milk plus additional urgent deliveries of Covid 19 samples for testing and PPE deliveries. Our riders will be sure to give you a special wave as they pass through your toll booths! #m6tolldriveforcharity #itswhatwedo


Comment on Facebook

Thank you for engaging with our #DriveforCharity scheme. Our social committee were delighted to be able to support your charity again 🙂

We can't wait until we (BLOZONE) are able to play for and entertain crowds for you guys again. X❤️ Stay Safe. 🌈❤️😍🎶🎤🎸🎷🥁🎺🎷🎹🎸🎤

Aswell as free use of the toll for how long?! That's amazing

Fantastic gesture! The free pass through the toll is wonderful enough, but this is a topper!

Great Thank you

Wow, that's great news...

Brilliant- much appreciated

Fantastic 👍

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As we celebrate this special 75th anniversary of VE Day, we will remember them.


Comment on Facebook

We will remember them.

Had a lovely flurry of donations this past week, not massive sums but all gratefully received. Just shows how many folk are thinking of us and what we are doing in these challenging times. So our thanks go to Cheslyn Hay PC, Truckmateuk,Trev (Provincial Grand Primo of the RAOB), G Parry, Just Giving pages set up by Christina Morgan and Heather Venables to say nothing of all the anonymous JG donations! This makes a difference to us as they pay for our operational costs - servicing, tyres etc although we are pleased to note that BP are continuing to fund fuel for blood bike groups.


Comment on Facebook

It was a pleasure, glad to be able to put something in. I'm Provincial Grand Primo though not Grand Primo.

Thank you to all for helping to keep our wheels turning!

Thank You

Reuben Gould


Comment on Facebook

Caroline Lucy

Well down everyone and yay Sophie Smith Is a runner up!!!

Yay! Well done everyone they are beautiful.

Well done Nana & Grandad. Xx

Lovely pictures well done 👏 👏

Well done girls. Gutted I didn't win haha

Fabulous effort 👏👏👏

Well done chloe!!!

Well done to you all for taking part x

Beautiful ❤️

Stephen Andrews well done Grace as a runner up👏

Fantastic all 🥰


Very well done everyone - lovely colouring skills 👏👏

Well done everyone 👏👏 lovely pictures 👍

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The excitement mounts.... The judging is taking place for the best colouring in of our blood bike picture. Some fabulous pictures. Check the Facebook page on Monday for the results.


Comment on Facebook

Afraid not Nik Trevor Bagnall, lots of children did far better pictures than you!

Hope I won lol

Each summer for the past 40 years Ironbridge Lions have held a series of Silver Over the Bridge (SOB) events to enable good causes to raise funds. The formula for these events is very simple – they lay a strip of sticky tape on the Iron Bridge and invite passers-by to lay down their spare coins to support a particular good cause. The tape is gradually extended across the bridge as it fills up and at the end of the day the club donates the amount on the tape to the nominated charity. Sadly, the event this year is cancelled but as one of the nominated charities, they have kindly sent us £100.Thank you to the Ironbridge Lions Community Committee.
We are indebted to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Staffordshire for their very generous donation of £1000. At a time when we are not able to fund raise face-to-face at our events, this is most welcome. Thank you to all the brethren.


Comment on Facebook

Unfortunately the Provincial Grand lodge of Wrekin(Shropshire) are on hold but the Provincial Grand Primo is doing a 5km run in his garden tomorrow morning in aid of SSCBB.

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What people say about us

“The blood bikes are vital to getting our life saving faecal transplants to critically ill patients with C. dificile infection”

Professor Peter Hawkey, FMT Service Lead, PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“On a regular basis we need to transport samples urgently, between Shrewsbury and Telford, and also from here in Shropshire to Birmingham and beyond. In the past it has been quite difficult, out of hours, to get those samples moving quickly, so it has made a huge difference to us to be able to rely on blood bikes to get those samples moving for us.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“The voluntary service the blood bikes offer us has been instrumental in widening the scope of our FMT service across the country and ensuring costs are a low as possible for the NHS”

Dr Vicki McCune, FMT Service Manager PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“There is certainly times when the quicker we can get results back, the better the outcome for the patient, so blood bikes are helping to save lives and, at the same time, they are saving the NHS lots of money”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“We are so grateful to the volunteer riders who give up their time to courier blood products and urgent samples for testing between our hospitals and the regional NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) centre in Birmingham. Every minute counts when it comes to helping seriously-ill and injured patients and being able to call on the blood bikes round the clock helps us to provide safe, effective treatment and transfusions.”

Paula Gardener, Chief Nurse Burton Hospital Trust (covering Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth)

“We very much appreciate all of their efforts and the support they give both SaTH and the wider NHS.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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