Our sincere thanks to all our volunteers and supporters (past and present) who have travelled this amazing journey with our charity.  We now serve the NHS across 3 counties, including 14 Hospitals, Hospices, Community Nurses, 2 Human Milk Banks and 3  Blood Banks.  #5years #Aniversary #Shropshire #Staffordshire #Cheshire #BloodBikes #SSCBB  To find out more about our charity and how you can get involved, please visit our website here:


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I’ve enjoyed the journey ever since the launch in Jan 2014. Seen the charity and it’s reputation grow over those years Made a huge impact on my life and I have met and become friends with many people, both fellow members and supporters too. Roll on the next 5 years!!

Proud to be a tiny part of something so amazing.

As Helen Bundy said , we’ve been there from the launch , made many new friends on the way , we are both proud to be part of this blood bike family , hopefully going to be more active now various medical issues are sorted, looking forward to getting back to riding and both of us getting out fundraising and spreading the word , only seems like yesterday though 😊

I’m very proud to be part of the family team 🥰

Wow what an achievement well done all x

Well done guys (y)

Proud to belong.

I have been a blood donor for a long time but never knew how it’s actually transported between hospitals. Till a charity event in Haughton draw our attention to it. Fabulous work you do guys!!

I absolutely love being part of this awesome family

Amazing figures and excellent graphic to show them off

You all do an amazing job! God bless you all and thank you 😊

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With the ever-increasing need to support the NHS in caring for their patients, the demands upon the #Charity grow each year.  #SSCBB needs to grow to meet this increasing demand. To do so, we need more #Volunteers, whether that be in the form of riders, fundraisers or controllers.  If you are interested in joining us, take a look at our website to learn more!


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Hoping to have a cake stall in Burton town centre market this year to raise some money for the blood bikes x

To work with blood bikers was always on my list of things to do. I used to have a Yam FJR for 15 yrs. Now i have got to old and have health problems which prevent me from helping. So all you people out there who think one day! DON'T. Join them NOW.

Kieran - looking for voluntary controllers..... great experience !!

Matt Durber

IAM the only qualification acceptable? I did ERS instead but don’t think it’s considered as advanced ?

Attila Baráth ❤️

David Beech have a look Dad x

George Jones

Paul Hardman💪🏻

Mick Brelsford

Woody Wood

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We are an urgent #VolunteerService providing transportation of #blood products, for free, to #NHS hospitals across #Shropshire, #Staffordshire and #Cheshire.  We currently serve a total of 14 hospitals, 2 Hospices, 2 Human Milk Banks and 3 NHS Blood Banks.  For more information, take a look at our website:


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Yes Craig. Looking for controller, fundraisers and riders.

I want to join this year 🤞

are you looking for volunteers?

Golly alot then welldone folks

Roger Cope Mark Winbush

Ian Cartwright

Alex Pacman Pinson idea for u

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We are indebted to the amazing folk at #Stafford Crossfit for the recent 24 hour Wod-a-thon which raised funds for our charity and for Pennys Army - a fantastic £2566.85 each! Well done Rich Bell and team! 👍  To keep up to date with events we are taking part in, take a look at our website:


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You’re welcome .

This is a post from one of our volunteer controllers after a 12 hour shift today... in her day job she works in mental health for the NHS - 100% committed to helping others.

"I've been an SSCBB volunteer for 3 years. As a controller, today has been my busiest day ever..21 jobs, 6 riders, starting in 3 counties covering Shrewsbury, Telford, Oswestry, Stoke, Burton, Macclesfield, Manchester, Birmingham and Coventry, and I've taken my first ever prebook.
Thank you to all concerned, it's been amazing and I've never been so glad to handover! As a mental health nurse for 30 years today has been on a par with a full moon...with bells on!!
According to FB I did the same day last year but I didn't know that when I took this shift yesterday 😍😍
Thank you Barrie Shredd Walters for doing housework and cooking've caught some oestrogen! Thank you Paul Collyer,
Martin Huxley, Colin Hodgkins,
Chris Hyde the others aren't on FB but were all awesome.'s amazing!"

To find out more about volunteering for #SSCBB take a look at our website:
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Think you are all amazing,every one of you. Helping to save lives in your spare time-amazing!!!!!!☝️

Great job Sam 😊👍

Keep the good work up thank you

Thank you so much dor all the work you do for the Shropshire Blood Transfusion Labs. Vey much appreciated 😊😊

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Slimming World in Leek have been staunch supporters of our charity. Thanks Jo and the team and to Rob for presenting the certificate.


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An absolute pleasure to support the vital service you provide 😊

Happy New Year to all of our wonderful volunteers and supporters.


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And a Happy New Year to all the Midland Free Wheelers from SSCBB.

Happy New Year to you all from Midland Freewheelers 🍾

Thank you all for all the trips that you make for Blood Bank at SaTH to the National Blood Service in Birmingham and Liverpool. Much appreciated

have a safe and productive new year thank you lads and lasses doing a fantastic job x

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Team SSCBB is at Tesco, Wrekin Retail Park


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Thank you to all the volunteers, staff and more importantly, the customers who donated a huge £905.66 today!

Come down and see us

My godson Loves his blood bikers.

Thanks for giving my godson a patch he is well made up! Sorry I can’t be there to help with the fundraising today.

The plan was to come down but some of us have work 😉

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Ally great effort head down trying hard, not like the guys.


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Come on Dan if your smiling your not trying !!!


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My little legs are killing!!

I now see why we need big bikes lol !!!!!

Go Daz! 👏👍


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And meet Penny

The place to be tomorrow 28th December - 24hrs of Crossfit !!!!
If you feel the need to get active after the Christmas binge, please come join us, you don’t need to be a member to join in, just willing to get sweaty....9am Kick Off With a Strength Workout,
Workouts Will Be Alternated Between Strength & Conditioning, Workouts Start On The Hour
Alternatively, drink coffee, eat cake , burgers & donate to help raise money for SSCBB and Penny’s Army . See you at Central Staffs Crossfit, Unit 4, Leons Way Tollgate Drive, Tollgate Industrial Estate, Tollgate Dr, Stafford ST16 3HS Or donate now to Just Giving


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I'm coming along !!

Lorraine I confess I'm going for the cake not the work out. I know my limitations!

Good luck tomorrow. Unfortunately I'm on 12hour nights. Best of luck to everyone.

We would like to wish everyone a very #HappyChristmas from all of us at #SSCBB!


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Merry christmas.

keep up the good work you bike angels thinking of you all out there x merry Christmas

Merry Christmas........ keep up the fantastic work!

Merry christmas to all you brilliant people

Happy Christmas to all at SSCBB

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SSCBB Controllers who volunteer for the morning shift are very familiar with the name Mike from the pathlab at Royal Stoke University Hospital.
One of Mikes recent calls to the Controller wasnt requesting a job but to advise us that the whole pathology lab was holding a National Elf Day in support of our charity. The picture tells the story!! Stuart B. rider on the day, was able to show his support on his return from a Birmingham run.  Very disappointed with the outfit Stuart!! Must try harder next time!!


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It will be even bigger next year !!

That's only half the elves too! Great turnout for a good cause x

Brilliant well done to you all and thankyou xx

That’s brilliant!

Brilliant well done everyone.

Brilliant. Thanks guys

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Back in June 2017 the ladies of the Rangemoor and Tatenhill WI were the audience of a talk about SSCBB given by one of our Speaker Team, Steve Hawkes.  The ladies obviously took our Charity to their hearts and have been fund raising for us which culminated in a presentation to another speaker team member, David Spooner, a few days ago.  These ladies presented Dave with a cheque for a fabulous £1185.00 with, apparently, a further amount still to come.  Amazing generosity for which we are extremely grateful. Dave is pictured with Gill Rowley who presented the donation on behalf of the group.  Happy Christmas ladies from all at SSCBB.


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Wow, you are worth every penny though you beautiful people 💖💖💖xxxx

Fantastic ladies. Wonderful

Wow! Great effort - well done!

Respect! 👍

Nice one Ladies, love the WI, always willing to help Bloodbikes. 😍😍😍😍😍

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Had a lovely message from the Path Lab at Leighton who asked if someone could go along and pick up a present for us. Nigel duly obliged and came away with beer and biscuits! Their message read 
Thank you so much for your service over the past year. We really appreciate it. Not just the riders but the controllers to who have to deal with us. Everyone is lovely. We at Leighton are very proud to be working alongside you. Please pass this message on to the rest of your team.”


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Not if its being transported in a car.

Nice one

Question:- Does a case of Peroni, require a yellow blood cover, to be transported ?

Well done to all involved 🙂

Such a nice gesture

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The lovely customers of Sainsbury’s, Cannock are being very generous today. Just been treated to mince pies too!!!Image attachment


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Merry Christmas to our road hero's and happy New year x

Thanks to Steve Dunstan at NW Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes for this beautiful poem.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except the controller’s mouse.
As she logged another run on the spreadsheet with care
This one very urgent - it needs to get there

Most people were nestled all snug in their bed,
Including some riders – it has to be said!
But when the phone rang he rubbed sleep from his eyes
Got dressed very quickly and said his goodbyes

Out to the garage – shh! no need for clatter,
Can’t wake the neighbours even though this ride matters.
Slowly down the drive keep the revs low
Onto the main road – now let’s go!

The controller’s phone is ringing again
She puts down her coffee and grabs a pen
Another call - for medicines this time
Checks the rota and gets back on the line

Dials the number - must get it right
Despatches the rider, it’s his fifth call tonight
Time for a coffee, make it black and strong
The night’s just started but it’s going to be long

Now let’s take a minute to see where we are
The riders are busy near and far
More rapid than eagles the riders they fly
As she checked them by name with a practised eye

"Now, Martin! now, Neil! Now, Edgar and John!
On, Brian! On, Wayne! On, Richard and Don!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!"
But when you’re home safe remember to call

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane flow,
When they meet with an obstacle, round it they go
So up to the hospital the rider got there,
With the box full of blood – no time to spare

And then, in a twinkling, he heard on the roof
The prancing and pawing of each little hoof.
As he drew in his head, and was turning around,
Down came Santa and reindeers - with a bound.

He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot.
A bundle of toys he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a peddler, just opening his pack.

Santa stopped and he stared with mouth open wide
Said “I thought I was the only one out for a ride”
“No” said the rider “I’m a blood biker you know
We ride every night through the rain and the snow

“It’s hard enough work doing it just for one night”
Santa said “How do you manage to get it all right”
“Ah” said the rider “We don’t work by our self
We have a controller – our own special elf!”

“They take all the calls and keep the riders on track
Keeping an eye on us all until we safely get back
They give up their sleep so we can concentrate
On riding our bikes so we don’t arrive late.”

Santa sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
And away they all flew like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim, as he rose in the air
"Happy Christmas to blood bikers everywhere”

Credit: Steve Dunstan NW Blood Bikes Lancs & Lakes
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I love the poem, it’s great! Thanks for everything you do! Merry Christmas to all x

Pj Rider

So he is real, after all! Happy Christmas to all Blood Bikers, and their elves. Stirling work, guys & gals.


Fabulous well done

Love it 🏍💨💨

Great little poem, well done you guys, great job and merry Christmas

Well done, the fourth emergency service.....


Love the poem xx

Already have our meat and pies in the freezer. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for all fabulous food we are lucky enough to get from you.

Absolutely brilliant we both enjoyed that xx

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Carole James thank you for inviting us, see you at the unveiling of the defibrillator!

Lynne Stone we sold the lot! All sold out now!

Thank you for attending our event, from all at Whixall Social Centre

Rotary club of wem and district

Looks like you still have a few of the blood bike Christmas cards left, they are selling like hot cakes!

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Just beautiful singing. Thank you for supporting us.

For the third year running some amazing students from the University Of Wolverhampton have been raising funds for us as part of their coursework!
Some very innovative ideas and lots of effort resulting in nearly £1700 raised!👍  Our thanks for their support and we wish them all well in their course 😊
(Although, strictly speaking #Wolverhampton is over the border in the MFW #BloodBike area, MFW wished us well with the initiative - thanks guys)  If you would like to get involved with something similar, contact us today!


Comment on Facebook

Thank you so much guys, every penny raised goes to helping people in their hour of need.

Well done 👍

Well done everyone 👏

All the nicest people are at the Star Bikers Toy Run in Kings Hall.
Star Bikers Toy Run today and we are set up in Kings Hall,  #Stoke. We look forward to seeing you! 👋


Comment on Facebook

Wish I was there rather than at work. Hope you had a good day.

Have a great day, thinking of you all.

Have a great day everyone.

One of our riders, Chris Hyde was recently invited to visit Horsehay Village Golf Club to meet this years Lady Captain Margaret Wilby. 
Margaret and her ladies have been raising money for our #Charity over recent months with various activities.
Chris was delighted to receive a very generous donation of £535.00 from Margaret and the ladies Section at the Golf Club.
Thank you, ladies, from all of us at #SSCBB 😊  To find out more about our charity, visit our website: attachment
Back in the barmy summer evenings we were invited to an event hosted by Whitchurch Motor Club where we setup a fundraiser.. we made a few quid on the night. 
Also an event hosted by them a few weeks later in Shrewsbury.. 
Out of the blue we were invited to their meeting recently where they presented us with a cheque for a massive £1957 ! 
Many thanks to you all at Whitchurch Motor Club for your fantastic effort!
This will keep our fleet of 15 bikes over 3 counties in fuel for about a month,  carrying urgent samples, blood units, platelets, breast milk and other urgent supplies to those in need... 
Thank you.Image attachment


Comment on Facebook

An amazing donation.

Well done everyone 👏

Thank you👍

Wow amazing

Wow amazing

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Our rider Jeremy has been #VERYbusy today!


Comment on Facebook

Same position as usual and Typical Drummer Location Rob Evans in the middle at the back.

I was hiding too

It's nice that there are 3 oddballs amongst this merry group

Dave Lowe you make a great Father Christmas but need to grow the beard a bit sharpish

😁 Brought a tear to my eye 🤣

Merry Christmas.

Absolutely fantastic David and your friends you make me feel proud that I know you. Happy Christmas to you all.

Nice one 👍

I’m happy to say, that’s SSCBB’s most motley crew, which I’m glad to be one of. Have a great Christmas everyone.

Happy Christmas to all the amazing Blood Bikers 😘 xxx

Happy Christmas and healthy new year all of our road hero's x 💕


I see you Rich Bell 🤣😉

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What people say about us

“The blood bikes are vital to getting our life saving faecal transplants to critically ill patients with C. dificile infection”

Professor Peter Hawkey, FMT Service Lead, PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“On a regular basis we need to transport samples urgently, between Shrewsbury and Telford, and also from here in Shropshire to Birmingham and beyond. In the past it has been quite difficult, out of hours, to get those samples moving quickly, so it has made a huge difference to us to be able to rely on blood bikes to get those samples moving for us.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“The voluntary service the blood bikes offer us has been instrumental in widening the scope of our FMT service across the country and ensuring costs are a low as possible for the NHS”

Dr Vicki McCune, FMT Service Manager PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“There is certainly times when the quicker we can get results back, the better the outcome for the patient, so blood bikes are helping to save lives and, at the same time, they are saving the NHS lots of money”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“We are so grateful to the volunteer riders who give up their time to courier blood products and urgent samples for testing between our hospitals and the regional NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) centre in Birmingham. Every minute counts when it comes to helping seriously-ill and injured patients and being able to call on the blood bikes round the clock helps us to provide safe, effective treatment and transfusions.”

Paula Gardener, Chief Nurse Burton Hospital Trust (covering Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth)

“We very much appreciate all of their efforts and the support they give both SaTH and the wider NHS.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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