Our volunteers keep themselves busy - if theyre not deep cleaning a blood bike, theyre writing poetry!  What makes a “Blood Bike Volunteer?”
There’s a million reasons why,
Stories of hope and happiness, 
And some so sad you’d cry.
Each one giving of their time
and all their work for free
Controllers, riders, fundraisers
Part of our team, you see.
And in this time of crisis
We are working just the same
Your, “Volunteer Bikers”
And, Blood Bikes is our name.
SSCBB happy to play our small part in defeating Covid 19 supporting our fabulous NHS. Thanks for the poem, John.


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Gleaming marked and liveried symbol of hope....... And a reminder that humanity prevails in times of need...... Safe ride all 👍🏻❤️🇬🇧❤️

My pleasure.

Yeh I cleaned brewer the other day and its actually silver

Well done

Excellent Paul KInnersley

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SSCBB rider Graham was on duty today at Royal Stoke hospital and was handed this by Olivia. Appreciated!


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Well done Olivia! Echoed from all corners! Your work is much appreciated xx

Wow..... Just wow.... Well deserved recognition. Safe roads folks.

Thank you Olivia that means so much to us all x

Handwritten and from the heart. That means so much x

Aww lovely 💝

Much love to Olivia

👏👏👏thank you xx

Well done x

Jason Lee


Thank you Olivia 👏🏻👍x

Amazing 😥 thank you Olivia x x x

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SSCBB truly appreciate all the offers of help from potential riders. Presently, our magnificent team of riders are able to comfortably fill our rider rotas and meet the demand for our service, so our normal recruitment process is temporarily on hold. We recognise that the situation we all face is very fluid and will be sure to let you know when we start recruiting riders again. We are also in the fortunate position of having a strong team of Controllers taking the calls from the hospitals so Controller recruitment is also on hold.  Thank you.


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Safe roads all..... Awesome work. Ready to ride when recruitment opens up again 👍🏻

Grateful to all of the team .and riders that do this voluntarily Would love to do this but get lost in my helmet 😁👍 stay safe

your all doing a great service to the UK "RESPECT" Sir "RESPECT"

100 o/o volunteer Totally professional

Massive thanks to BP who extended their offer of free fuel to cover liveried Blood Bikes. SSCBB are busy maintaining our service for the NHS, delivering urgent medical samples, free of charge.


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Well done to all blood bikers helping the NHS

Fantastic helping those helping others. What the world needs more of right now.

Great service. Well done to you all.

Brilliant news! Keep up the brilliant work guys and girls xxx

Ride safe folks...... Shame recruitment is suspended currently... I'm available to ride. 👍🏻

You do a great job each and everyone of you, 💜👏👏👏💚😘

So they should Well done to all!!

Super gesture, thankyou

👏👏👏👏 Thankyou!!! & stay safe xxx

If I can be of any service at side of you

Thanks BP, a superb gesture.

Well done BP

Fantastic news

I don't like BP for a number of reasons. This negates one reason to dislike them...


Thank you 😁

100 o/o volunteer Totally professional

Top work guys...




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We tend never to hear phrases like ‘unprecedented times’ – and yet, unsurprisingly, it’s a phrase that we’ve heard time and time again in the last few months. With schools, restaurants, gyms and even pubs closing their doors, the Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Even during these extraordinary times, and with her own business being one that has temporarily had to close, this beautiful lady thinks of others. She decided to donate the tips (£50) she received to SSCBB, to help us to continue to support our NHS. Andrea, is the lady behind the beautiful and delicious afternoon teas at the Queens in Horton. Bless you Andrea, it’s very much appreciated. Keep you and your beautiful family safe.


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Thank you 💗 it’s my absolute pleasure just to give a little something back and to raise awareness of the true hero’s that you are. Right back at you stay safe and love and protect your nearest and dearest. We will see you again when it’s safe to do so. Much love xxx

Macs Barbers in Alsager has been filling our rattle cans at an amazing rate, getting close to £1000 raised so far.  The latest can made its way to sunny Gnosall today and strictly observing social distancing (note tape measure!) and the use of rubber gloves,  was handed over by volunteer Sean to fundraising team leader, Lynne.


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Just for the record, the outside of the can has been washed thoroughly and the money inside will not be touched/counted for at least 2 weeks.

I was there too, took the picture! About three metres away but at least I got a cuppa!!!

Whoop stay safe peeps



Yes thanks

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There are many ways that you can donate to our funds, such as setting up a page over at #JustGiving or downloading one of our sponsorship forms! ❤️  We really appreciate your kindness and support! #SSCBB Find out more here:
Operating 24/7 and occupying a central location, at #SSCBB we undertake a number of long distance deliveries!  These deliveries are made on behalf of the North West Human Milk Bank, University of Birmingham (Faecal Matter transplants) and other #BloodBike groups along with their local hospitals!  To find out more about our charity and what we do, please visit our website here:

Government predictions are that cases of Covid-19 will increase rapidly over the coming weeks and whilst for many this will not be serious, for the most vulnerable it could be fatal. SSCBB will play its part in delaying the spread. The trustees have agreed that our focus will be on maintaining the frontline service we provide and to limit other activities that we believe present a higher risk of spreading the virus. The greatest risk of spreading the virus is assessed as being where groups of volunteers meet together or with the general public. So, with immediate effect SSCBB will suspend our Talks activity and our participation in fundraising events. It is possible, as the epidemic progresses, that demand for our services may increase or even move into new areas and this will be our priority focus. The situation will be kept under review and further communications will be made as needed.
Thank you to all our supporters for your understanding & continued support.
... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you to all Blood bikers, donors, coordinators (and your families) for giving your time to volunteer. xx Keep safe all of you xx 💕

I know you have your regulations but given the circumstances is there any chance that you can accept riders without a certified advanced licence following an observed ride? I’d really like to help out but it’s going to be a while before I can get my advanced certificate?

You already provide a vital service for all our communities - please ensure your own safety so that you may continue this vital work. 👍💪🥇

Keep going Blood Bikers!

Good luck with the great work you do and stay safe yourselves👋👋👏👏😷😷

Thank you for all you do, stay safe and bike on!

Thank you yet again for your most valued service 😃😃

Total respect for what you do. Be safe

Thank you to you all stay safe x

You all do an amazing job, thank you. Please stay safe and well 💕

Makes perfect sense. Thank you!

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Excellent video. Great service.Congratulations to every volunteer for giving your time so freely.🏍🏍🙏🙏❤️

Great video! Well done guys n gels. X

Great video guys.Very informative 👍🏍

Love it carry on this grest survive

Brilliant video. Fantastic work. Respect

Love this!

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Ethan was one happy little boy,  thanks to our rider Jim M delivering his urgent medication on blood bike Mark Mariner.  Ethan couldn’t attend Alder Hey because of potential risk of coronavirus so SSCBB delivered!


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Such a pleasure to help out and take the call for this. Meant so much to find that Ethan has now got his medication and we can help. Great to see him so happy

Great news that job must give the guy's so much satisfaction. Thought of doin it myself when I had bikes

Well done to the SSC BB Team and every involved in getting Ethans medication delivered. 💙 #ItsWhatWeDo

And a big mention to the controllers Nik Trevor Bagnall & Annie who are the unseen people making it work and watching out for our safety (& speed 🤣🤣🤣) whilst we ride around looking good on the bikes 👍

Well done.😊 all.🎉

I’m in awe of this service, long may in continue 😃😃

Well done Jim

Thank you very much.

These people are heroes.

What the Hell do we have to moan about..respect Ethan..glad these guys are available to help, even more reason to support them.

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Well done Elaine P, one of our new lady riders who today completed her first job for SSCBB. She delivered samples from Queens Hospital, Burton to the NHS Blood & Transplant centre in Birmingham. Good selfie! Good job!Image attachmentImage attachment


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You do a great job you people! Massive respect ✊🏻 m xx

Well done Elaine, looking forward (maybe with some trepidation), to my first shout. Good on ya.

Well done on your first important run 😁♥️

Well done Elaine , good to see more ladies riding the bikes x

Felt great to be able to give something back, shouldn't be so nervous on the next shift 😁

Well done Elaine, you missed me, I was there at 0200 this morning. Look forward to bumping into one day

I’m so proud you - making good use of that well earned F1RST Elaine!

Good job well done..

Great work..Thank you.x

Brilliant. Welcome Elaine.

Fantastic work 😁👍🏼

Well done Elaine 👏👏

Well done Elaine 😀

Love this! 👍👍

Well done Elaine 👍

Well done Elaine.

Well done on your first jobs. Many more to come 🙂

Excellent. Well done. 👍🏍xxx

Fantastico well done

Well done

WEll done

Excellent work Elaine Perrins

Welcome and well done on 🥇 Elaine Perrins x x

Well done Elaine Perrins great shift

Well done Elaine I look forward to looking after you (as controller) on a shift soon

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2019 has been yet another exceptional year for Shropshire Staffordshire Cheshire Blood Bikes! Read more of the latest #SSCBB news in our March newsletter here -


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And where is my favourite Helen Bundy? Sorry Lymne Lynne Stone your my second favourite xx

Thank you to all Blood Bikers, coordinators and of course the blood/milk donors Xxx 💕

All volunteers who give up their time, amazing people. Ladies multi tasking. Girl power.

Thank you to all Blood Bikers, coordinators and of course the blood/milk donors Xxx 💕


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Great achievement Dave

Well done what an achievement

Huge accomplishment, well done!

Fantastic achievement

Well done Dave.

Well done Dave

Awesome 👍🏻

Wow! 💪

so well done

David Jones well done x

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Eight new Induction Certificates were handed out on February 26th to our new volunteers by our training team. 
Their individual training in their chosen role is their next step.  It was great to meet you. See you all again soon at area meetings and events.


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welcome to the family !

Welcome to the family

Welcome to the family

A massive welcome guys

Welcome all 😁

Welcome onboard!

Welcome all

Welcome aboard

Welcome one n all

You're all fantastic to even just think about wanting to be be such a vital link for bloods etc, and your families must be amazing as well 💕 To freely give your precious time, to give someone a chance of life xxx

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Cheshire Lead, Steve Hunter did a Swimathon last Friday in aid of the Adam Hughes Memorial Fund which in turn, was splitting the amount raised with our charity. Steve completed one mile of swimming in the pool at Liverpool university and raised over £400 in the process. Steve is pictured with organizer Jessica Potter just after completing his swim and he would like to thank all who sponsored him.


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Well done Steve, impressed you did it in your hi viz 😂 When I have a date I’ll be looking for sponsors for a parachute jump for SSCBB in the summer

Well done Steve, I hope you took off the Hi Vis 🤪

Steve , great , well done 👍

Well done Steve 👍👍👍👍

Well done Steve👍

Well done Steve.

Wells done Steve 👍🏊🏻

Well done lovely x x x x

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Always a good day at The customers and staff are all so generous and supportive.Image attachment
Always lovely to see the children enjoying the mini bike. This little girl even wanted her doll, Emily, to have a go!  We’re fundraising at Asda Donnington Wood, Telford, all day. attachment
Good morning!  Our lovely fundraisers are all set up at Asda Donnington Wood in Telford this morning. Pop in and say hello if you’re around. Happy Saturday everyone! Fingers crossed it won’t be a wet one!


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Sorry could not make it in A&E bc with the other half Good luck 👍

The National Monument against Violence and Aggression - Knife Angel is coming to Southwater Telford on Friday 28th February and two of our SSCBB blood bikers will join the convoy for the final couple of miles from the M54 into Southwater arriving approx 3pm. You can hear our Shropshire Area Lead, Chris H talking about our involvement at approx 8.20am on Saturday on Radio Shropshire. Really looking forward to seeing all the photos. A truly stunning creation and a powerful message, well worth a visit during March.
We are an urgent #VolunteerService providing transportation of #blood products, for free, to #NHS hospitals across #Shropshire, #Staffordshire and #Cheshire.  We currently serve a total of 14 hospitals, 2 Hospices, 2 Human Milk Banks and 3 NHS Blood Banks.  For more information, take a look at our website:


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You provide an amazing service x

big RESPECT to you all

With the ever-increasing need to support the NHS in caring for their patients, the demands upon the #Charity grow each year.  #SSCBB needs to grow to meet this increasing demand. To do so, we need more #Volunteers, whether that be in the form of riders, fundraisers or controllers.  If you are interested in joining us, take a look at our website to learn more!


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My fundraising as head of the Wrekin Buffs is 2 months in now and going well. Hoping to hit my target by the end of the year.

Just doing my Advance rider And helping to raise funds

Ian Thomas

This coming week we have our Charitys AGM and amongst other items, we will report and reflect on 2019.


Comment on Facebook

Great work one and all! Thanks for all you do ❤️❤️ xx

Great work guys!!😍

Well done everyone, looking forward to seeing everyone at the AGM 👍

Great stuff everyone 👍👍👍👍

Amazing stats!


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Attention all SSCBB Members  Good Evening,  For those attending the AGM on Thursday 27th Feb., there will be a raffle, with some brilliant prizes, with all monies raised going to SSCBB.  Who wouldnt want to win a hamper of chocolate, a £100 Marks & Spencers Voucher, Motorbike Gloves, a Six Pack of Wine or even a Mini Two Speed Battery Trike with music and flashing lights!! Plus more!!!!  In addition to hearing about SSCBBs journey through 2019 and its plans for 2020 there will also be the opportunity of previewing the new SSCBB promotional video produced for us by Humanoid Productions Ltd.  Book your seats now!!Image attachmentImage attachment


Comment on Facebook

Looks great - I’ll be putting faces to voices 😁

Already booked my space!

I'm hoping to get there 😀

I’ll be there 👍

I'll be there too

I'll be there too!

Where's it being held please?

Lee and I will see you all there

I'll be there.

See you there

Wouldn't miss it!

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And not a motorbike in sight!!!  Thats because the cyclists pictured are members of Stafford Road Club. This local group have supported SSCBB for sometime now and have already raised over £1000 for the charity.
Their next fundraising event is this Sunday, February 23rd, the SRC Reliability Ride starting at Perkins Social Club, Stafford at 8:30am with new routes planned for 2020. Entry fee per rider just £5.00.  We thank them all for their continued support and  hope the british weather is kind to them on Sunday!!
At first glance you might think this is a picture of friends enjoying a brew (and cake) and catching up with their news.
It is that, of course, but also so much more!!  This was a meeting, held this morning, at the home of Controller Heidie C. when some members of the Controller Induction team met to discuss Controller training, updates, potential changes and to share thoughts on how we can make sure our Controllers are confident in the role they undertake.  Present were Helen B., Pam H., Sam W. and Heidie.Heidie was Controller today, Pam was Duty Committee member. A call came in for Graham S, the North Staffs Rider, sending him off patch to Birmingham leaving local hospitals without cover. Helen messaged North Staffs riders for help and rider Anthony D. stepped forward within minutes.  DCM Pam was keeping an eye on weather conditions as Storm Dennis had arrived. In fact later on in the day service was suspended as required by our duty of care to our riders.  The Shropshire rider, Daz C. popped home between jobs to dry out his kit and warm up and reported local weather conditions to Pam. Like the socks Daz!!  He also makes a decent cup of tea!!  All in all an excellent example of SSCBB teamwork.Image attachment


Comment on Facebook

Great day and fabulous meeting at the same time.

Heidie was my controller yesterday she did a fantastic job. Thanks very much.

What a brilliant team. We could not do our bit without you all

you all have my respect you folk so I say again "MY RESPECT "

Will talk with you at the AGM about my controller refresh.

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Shropshire rider, Pete A. reached his 100th shout this week with a collection from Bishops Castle Community Hospital . He met up with Staff Nurse, Beth Morgan and her daughter, a student nurse.


Comment on Facebook

Nice one Peter well done 👍

Well done pete

Well done Pete 👍

Well done Pete 👍

Just up the road - many thanks

OMG I look like I'm sleeping 🤣🤣

Go Pete



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For the past two years we have been privileged to work with the Telford and Albrighton TSB branches as part of the TSB Local Charity Partnership Programme. It has been a pleasure working with them and they have raised considerable funds for us. Chris H was invited to collect final 2 cheques from both branches - the kind folk at Telford were Louise Beasley, Amy Panesar, Lauren Andrews, Yvonne Evans, Stuart Noble with a cheque for £833.35. And at Albrighton, Linda Turner presented Chris with a cheque for £1063.99. TSB, you are the best, thank you.Image attachment


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Super stars.

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What people say about us

“The blood bikes are vital to getting our life saving faecal transplants to critically ill patients with C. dificile infection”

Professor Peter Hawkey, FMT Service Lead, PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“On a regular basis we need to transport samples urgently, between Shrewsbury and Telford, and also from here in Shropshire to Birmingham and beyond. In the past it has been quite difficult, out of hours, to get those samples moving quickly, so it has made a huge difference to us to be able to rely on blood bikes to get those samples moving for us.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“The voluntary service the blood bikes offer us has been instrumental in widening the scope of our FMT service across the country and ensuring costs are a low as possible for the NHS”

Dr Vicki McCune, FMT Service Manager PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“There is certainly times when the quicker we can get results back, the better the outcome for the patient, so blood bikes are helping to save lives and, at the same time, they are saving the NHS lots of money”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“We are so grateful to the volunteer riders who give up their time to courier blood products and urgent samples for testing between our hospitals and the regional NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) centre in Birmingham. Every minute counts when it comes to helping seriously-ill and injured patients and being able to call on the blood bikes round the clock helps us to provide safe, effective treatment and transfusions.”

Paula Gardener, Chief Nurse Burton Hospital Trust (covering Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth)

“We very much appreciate all of their efforts and the support they give both SaTH and the wider NHS.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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