#OurMission The stated aims of our charity are: 1. To support the #NHS 2. To save the NHS money, which is currently diverted away from direct patient care. 3. To promote a positive image of the#Motorcycling community within wider society. 4. To promote safer riding standards.  To find out more about our charity please visit our website:


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Always acknowledge you when I see you on the road, carry on the good work folks..

#Shropshire, #Staffordshire and #Cheshire #BloodBikes need your support so that we can continue working with the #NHS to transport blood and related products.  You can donate via our ‘Just Giving’ page, please click here:
With the ever-increasing need to support the NHS in caring for their patients, the demands upon the #Charity grow each year.  #SSCBB needs to grow to meet this increasing demand. To do so, we need more #Volunteers, whether that be in the form of riders, fundraisers or controllers.  If you are interested in joining us, take a look at our website to learn more!


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Phil Gittus?

With the ever-increasing need for the #NHS to save money but without compromising #PatientCare, the demands upon the #Charity grow each year. SSCBB needs to grow to meet this increasing demand. Find out how you can help here:


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Who is the best contact as this is something I would like to do..?

There are many ways that you can donate to our funds, such as setting up a page over at #JustGiving or downloading one of our sponsorship forms! ❤️ We really appreciate your kindness and support! #SSCBB Find out more here:
With great sadness we have to tell you of the death of one of our staunch supporters, Mark Forster, aged 54.  He joined SSBB in 2015 and initially became a Controller and very active fundraiser and then became one of our blood bikers. He loved motorcycling and supporting our charity, was a blood and platelet donor and spent his life supporting his local community. In 2015, together with Nigel and Oliver Bundy and Howie Jones he accompanied 3 intrepid cyclists (Gary, Steve and Nige) when they cycled from John O’ Groats to Lands End to raise considerable funds (over £4k) for our charity. Our condolences go to his wife Mim (a keen fundraiser for us) and to their family.Image attachment


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Sorry to learn we have all lost such a great character.... a guy who went above & beyond to help others. Words cannot make it right, but they can express our sorrow at his passing and hopefully provide some small measure of comfort to his family. Sincerest condolences, may Mark rest peacefully.

Our deepest condolences to Marks family, friends and Blood Bike family. RIP 🙏

May he R.I.P so sorry for your loss please pass our condolences to his family from us all here 🙁

So sorry to hear this. Condolences from all of us at Star Bikers

A great loss of a great guy, heartfelt condolences to Mark’s family & close friends.

So very sorry to learn of this sad event. Sincerest condolences to Mark's friends and family 🙏

That's such sad news. Rest in Peace lovely man. You're legacy will live on with your fellow friends and Bikers. My sincere condolences to your family.

Sad news for somebody who so obviously put the health and welfare of others as a priority, and at a relatively low age of 54. Condolences to all of his family and friends x

RIP and condolences to family who knew how much this guy did for us all

R.I.P. Mark, our sincere condolences to his family and friends. From all at North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes. ❤️💚❤️💚

Such sad news. RIP Mark. My condolences to his family; he was a lovely chap whom I had the pleasure of riding with in his training to be an advanced rider.

Deepest condolences to his family and friends and the Blood Biker community. Rest in peace Mark

So sad to hear this news .love to his family and friends x

So sad to hear, RIP Mark, my condolences and thoughts to all his family

RIP...thoughts to his family....a mahooosive thank you for all...

Sad news. Condolences to family and friends.

We are so very sad to hear for your loss. 🙏🙏

Sorry to hear this, our condolences to all. 😢

Such a loss! My condolences to Marks family and friends! 😢❤️🌈

R.I.P. Condolences to family and friends. Ride free on the highways of heaven with angels wings wrapped round you.

RIP Mark condolences to his family and my thoughts are with them!! Also to all his Blood Bike friends and beyond!! X X

I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences to family and friends.

Heartfelt condolences to his family

Really sorry to hear this, a very sad loss, RIP

Sad news Thoughts are with the family & friends at this difficult time RIP

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Lovely message yesterday from Jan Shields - Thank you very much for sending one of your Cheshire colleagues over to Blood Bank at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital this afternoon. We needed to send a sample from a new Mum to the National Blood service in Liverpool. Much appreciated as always. Jan. And the rider she means was Jono Johnson, nice one!


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At Shropshire Staffordshire Cheshire Blood Bikes we're always prepared and happy to go the extra mile 😊

Well done team 👏👏

Well done Jono. 👏

Nice one Jono

Jan Shields 😃

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The SSCBB Induction Team were delighted to hold their second zoom induction session last Thursday. They welcomed new members who have been patiently waiting until our recruitment process recommenced.  A successful induction behind them, our new members can now continue with their individual training. We welcome them to the team.
Several of our fleet have been retired following sterling service and a good few miles on the clocks. One of the replacement bikes has been funded by a Shropshire member of our charity who has been raising funds for SSCBB for over 2 years. She is very talented with design and graphics skills hence the wonderful Nightowl  graphics on this new bike. We present Nightowl who yesterday completed her first job, taking samples from Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital at Gobowen to the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital And the rider who had the pleasure of this first job was SSCBB blood biker Rob Porter.Image attachmentImage attachment


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Thank you NightOwl for your continued and very generous support of Shropshire Staffordshire Cheshire Blood Bikes

I love this bike name - probably because I do a bit of night time controlling. Love the graphics too.

What a great looking model you’ve found for the first job !)

Not only a good name for our overnight work, but also my favourite Gerry Rafferty track!

Great job !

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In the words of Jon H, our Shropshire rider today ...  Today’s shift on the bloodbikes was one just like the days of old. But, in 6 1/2 years of active riding for the charity, I dont think Ive ever seen the Shropshire area so busy!  The first image is my first section of the day.
Starting in Welshampton, back to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, on to the QE in Birmingham, from there to Ludlow, back to RSH. A quick rest stop, before heading to Robert Jones in Gobowen and back to Royal Shrewsbury, then home got a brew.
Then I added another Ludlow to Royal Shrewsbury to finish the afternoon off.  While I was doing my bit, two other riders were called in to assist with calls in Telford, Llanidloes hospital and another trip to  Birmingham QE.  The evening shift rider was also asked to come on a little early to pick up at Gobowen again whilst I was on the Ludlow call.  He’d been left from there 15 mins when he was called back for another sample.  While I managed to cover 330 miles today, I think, with the other 4 jobs, we racked up in excess of 600 miles in the 12 hour shift in Shropshire alone.  All free of charge, to support the NHS.
All funded by public donations to the charity.  #sscbb
#stilllovingitafterneary7yearsImage attachmentImage attachment


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Heroes!!!! Many thanks for all you do❤

Lovely to receive a private message from one of the hospitals that Jon visited, saying how grateful her ward was for our service and special thanks to Jon.

Thank you Jon H 👏👏and all behind the scenes, we appreciated you all 😘😘 PS I wasn’t working this afternoon to greet you at RSH x

Unsung heroes. Our country would be a better place if there were more people like you and your colleagues. Thank you all for that you do!

I’m sure lots of people are unaware what a sterling job you do,I must admit I had no idea till one of the Bikers came to Hanwood WI last year to explain just what there job entails. (I think it might have been Jon). We were all surprised and amazed to hear how much of their time they give up to help run this valuable service. Through this talk one our members husband now volunteers to man the phones which is an important role. Thank you all for your time and energy which you give to this wonderful service.

Great job guys, thank you for being there

That’s a helluva shift, we’ll done Jon. Glad to be able to take on the 2nd Birmingham run. 👌

Brilliant work, wonderful people....👏🏍️🙏

Love those busy days, time just flies by. 👍

Crikey Jon, that's a shift and a half, you must be knackered!

passed me and Mick Michael Webb on the Bridgnorth rd today

Fantastic team work

Fabulous 😇😇🙏

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Brilliant work lads. What would we do with out you.

Nice one Jon.

Well done

Thank you.

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Members can continue to show their #Support by ordering official #SSCBB #Clothes! There are 3 ways that you can order, find out more on our website:
Operating 24/7 and occupying a central location, at #SSCBB we undertake a number of long distance deliveries!  These deliveries are made on behalf of the North West Human Milk Bank, University of Birmingham (Faecal Matter transplants) and other #BloodBike groups along with their local hospitals!  To find out more about our charity and what we do, please visit our website here:
At #SSCBB we love the work that we do, and we are proud to share it! Across the UK there are groups similar to ours, all operating for the benefit of their local area.  If you would like to get involved with our charity, contact us today! -


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Sat outside the Wound Healing Service in Telford waiting for my Dad and one of the blood bikes arrived. I took the opportunity to thank the rider for the amazing job they do and as volunteers, they don’t get the recognition they deserve 👏

Well done SSCBB rider Chris B! He reports:
Its been a year now since I completed my Advanced Motorcycle Test and my induction into Shropshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Blood Bikes. In the that year I have completed 50 shifts, totalling 306 hours.
Ive completed 48 deliveries and travelled 3120 miles.
Some have been in glorious sunshine and some in horrendous rain (usually going to Oswestry).
Ive been proud to wear the BLOOD patches on my Hi Viz jacket and hope to do so for many years to come.  Were proud to have you Chris. #itswhatwedo


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Well done - on the odd occasion we have been on shift together: a pleasure

There's no going back now, onwards and upwards. 👍

We currently have 15 liveried blood bikes, situated strategically across the three counties in secure locations, often at fire stations or within hospital grounds. Many of our bikes have been funded by the generosity of organisations, Trusts and companies but the running costs are met by our own fundraising efforts 🏍  All our #BloodBikes have names, often associated with a person who has influenced our charity in some way! #SSCBB 🙂  Read the story behind each of our bikes here:
SSCBB rider Colin H had a pick up at Hayward Hospital and captured a selfie with the local ambulance staff, then on to the Royal Stoke Path Lab to pose, complete with SSCBB Facemask and two ladies, hidden behind their masks! But we think you can still see their smiles! #itswhatwedoImage attachment


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Another safe delivery Colin well done. 💙

Our Controller team on Blood Bike Awareness Day is David T, Peter J and Kath B. The boys were a bit photo shy but Kath isnt. Shes on duty right now with Duty Committee member Pam as back up ( and she has been on call all day, thanks Pam) #itswhatwedo


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I've used this phrase in the past, our controllers They are like Angel's in your lug holes. Some are little devils but not all👍😂

Kath's probably on phone to me. These are our hidden heroes. Thanks to all of our controllers.

Our John TT is just chillin in the garden now, on duty all day and no shout but like he said, means no one had need of us, so thats gotta be good! Therell always be another Blood Bike Awareness Day, John. #itswhatwedo


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My bro from another mo....

Tracey Letitia Hammond

Colin H and little Col are checking out the bike gear in preparation for tonights shift. Looks pretty tidy to me. Safe ride. #BLOODBIKEDAY #itswhatwedo
Dave A started his day at the Hospice of the Good Shepherd and on to Countess of Chester hospital. His chosen blood bike was Prince Michael, a bike donated to SSCBB by the Mark Masons. #BLOODBIKEDAYImage attachment
Pete A was tasked to collect samples from 2 very cheerful ladies working in the Telford Community Centre temporary Covid swab facility. Hi there, Gill and Debbie, lovely to meet you on Blood Bike Awareness Day. #itswhatwedo
Something a bit strange on the blood bike tray, Mick? Oh, just a coffee and bacon roll! Who could argue with that,? #BLOODBIKEDAYImage attachment


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Standard for me!!

On this Blood Bike Awareness Day, were you aware that SSCBB received the Queens Award for Voluntary Service, just 2 years ago? A splendid day, the award presented to us by the then Lord Lieutenant of Shropshire and accompanied by the Lord Lieutenants of Staffordshire and Cheshire, all 3 Patrons of our charity. #BLOODBIKEDAYImage attachmentImage attachment


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And Mick B joins todays SSCBB team, already having a busy shift, headed for Birmingham. Safe ride, Mick. #BLOODBIKEDAY #itswhatwedoImage attachmentImage attachment


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Bless all these volunteers, what would we do without them and our Air Ambulance 🌈🌈🌈🌈

Thank you for your service 💓

Such an emotional aspect to delivering the donated breast milk for babies in need of it.


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I miss those days of having a biker collect my milk donations it's such an amazing thing you are doing 😊

It was being a breastfeeding peer supporter that raised my interest in blood bikes.

On this Blood Bike Awareness Day, were you aware that since it was formed in 2014, SSCBB blood bikers have made 21,503 deliveries, free of charge, for our NHS? #BLOODBIKEDAY


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Amazing group of volunteers. Thank you to all Blood Bikers! <3

A pleasure to be part of a fabulous team, looking forward to my shift tomorrow.

Truly amazing - thank you

Well done to you all. You deserve a medal x

You all do an amazing job

my humble respect and thanks to all the team regards Tom Roberts

Knights of the road.

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Pete A is ready for his shift this Blood Bike Awareness Day. His blood bike, Brewer, one of two blood bikes funded by Burton upon Trent based Russell Roof Tiles, is looking pristine. #BLOODBIKEDAY


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Great volunteers.

Stay safe and thank you ❤️

Safe ride buddy

It's always a privilege to be able to ride for Shropshire • Staffordshire • Cheshire Blood Bikes

Stay safe and thank you ❤🇬🇧✌

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What people say about us

“The blood bikes are vital to getting our life saving faecal transplants to critically ill patients with C. dificile infection”

Professor Peter Hawkey, FMT Service Lead, PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“On a regular basis we need to transport samples urgently, between Shrewsbury and Telford, and also from here in Shropshire to Birmingham and beyond. In the past it has been quite difficult, out of hours, to get those samples moving quickly, so it has made a huge difference to us to be able to rely on blood bikes to get those samples moving for us.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“The voluntary service the blood bikes offer us has been instrumental in widening the scope of our FMT service across the country and ensuring costs are a low as possible for the NHS”

Dr Vicki McCune, FMT Service Manager PHE Public Health Laboratory Birmingham

“There is certainly times when the quicker we can get results back, the better the outcome for the patient, so blood bikes are helping to save lives and, at the same time, they are saving the NHS lots of money”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“We are so grateful to the volunteer riders who give up their time to courier blood products and urgent samples for testing between our hospitals and the regional NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) centre in Birmingham. Every minute counts when it comes to helping seriously-ill and injured patients and being able to call on the blood bikes round the clock helps us to provide safe, effective treatment and transfusions.”

Paula Gardener, Chief Nurse Burton Hospital Trust (covering Burton, Lichfield and Tamworth)

“We very much appreciate all of their efforts and the support they give both SaTH and the wider NHS.”

Debbie Jones, Support Services Care Group Director Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust

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